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Rok na Slovácku

Musica Folklorica and Martin Hrbáč

Indies Scope / 2022
Genres: folklor
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A Calendar Full Of Moravian Songs And Original Pictures. The original poetics of František Pavlica's paintings and the art of the dulcimer band, Musica Folklorica, intersect in a new album, a musical calendar, called Rok na Slováck (i.e. A Year On Moravian Slovakia).

The album Rok na Slovácku is a painted calendar with music by František Pavlica for the year 2023. The new recording connects images and songs of the famous Moravian region - Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia). The painter František Pavlica, with his unrepeatable poetics, created paintings depicting contemporary life and the maintenance of Moravian folklore traditions. Musica Folklorica has compiled and recorded a set of songs to accompany each image from the calendar. This resulted in an original calendar that presents a unique visual and musical legacy of the unique Moravian region. On the record, listeners will also hear Martin Hrbáč, Josef Kútný, Martin Prachař, Anna Pavlincová, Veronika Malatincová, Sára Slováková, a children's choir, a choir of soloists and the women's choir of Oskoruša.


"Creating thematic sets of songs according to individual months was a natural process copying folk customs and events in the current year, reflecting sadness and joy, work and rest. We recorded, for instance, a set of songs about painting, which is an indirect memory of August Rodin's visit to Slovácko, lively dance songs in the style of anti-Metoo, and we will close the calendar year with a traditional Christmas wish, which is passed down from generation to generation in the Horňácko region." adds dulcimer player Petr Pavlinec.


Musica Folklorica


Musica Folklorica (Miroslav Kolacia, Pavel Popelka - violin, Michal Uhříček - viola, Martin Slovák - double bass, Petr Pavlinec - dulcimer) can gently caress the soul and start a fire with their playing, as well as break out of the usual clichés and go in a completely unexpected direction. Although their domain are mainly original adaptations of melodies from their native Horňácko region or from the Moravian-Slovak border, the virtuoso musicians are not afraid of bold crossover projects, such as connecting folklore with metal. The band have recorded more than a dozen albums, of which, for example, the recording Dušan Holý & Musica Folklorica: Nejen zahrádečky was nominated for the genre award at the Czech Music Anděl Awards, 2015.



František Pavlica


Born in 1971, he lives and works in Hroznová Lhota, CR. Since 1986, he has been a member of the art group of the culture club in Uherské Hradiště, which in the 1980s was led by the prominent pedagogue, theoretician and art historian prof. Igor Zhoř from Brno, CR. He undoubtedly had an influence on the young artist, just as he was influenced in practical painting by visits to the painter Karel Benedík from Veselí nad Moravou (CR). Every year, František Pavlica organises artists' exhibitions in Hroznová Lhota (CR), as well as the so-called "Vojšice Open Air" with his friends. In Rome, he created the decoration of the entrance hall of the Velehrad pilgrimage house, and in Strážnice (CR) he created the mosaic on the Trade House. In addition to painting, he also focuses on graphic techniques and their possibilities; not only as an artist, but also as a printer in his lithographic workshop in Hroznová Lhota (CR) which he opened in 2010.


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