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Rabudeň, rabudeň

Luboš Holý and Musica Folklorica

Indies Scope / 2010
Genres: folklor
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“A message of man’s voice by Luboš Holý.”

Luboš Holý, a native from Hrubá Vrbka in Horňácko region, this year’s octogenarian, a college professor of veterinary medicine in civic life is the owner of a voice which is accompanied and valued by many attributes. His voice is described as velvety, dark, supple, soulful but also heroic, romantic, communicative, melancholy and full of smile, supporting and proud. 
On the new album, L. Holý chose songs that are close to him and which he enjoys singing. This time he sings with the band Musica Folklorika.

“The songs on this album I have picked up over the years from various artists and because I wouldn’t like them to fall into oblivion„ I put them into this recording which was initiated by the musicians who are accompanying me.“ Luboš Holý

Rabudeň, rabudeň demonstrates the beautiful baritone of the folk legend in connection with an extremely talented group of musicians who are two generations younger. Jan Rokyta writes in an accompanying prologue: “Luboš sings baritone which reaches both deep and high enough (on this album in the range of G-f1). In dramaturgic way, the recording represents a probe into singer’s memory and also a reminder of those who were his basic song sources and resources.“ Luboš Holý comes from Hrubá Vrbka in Horňácko region (born October 21st, 1930), and grow up in a famous singing family from Horňácko, surrounded by excellent ensembles and family of great folk singers. In his singing career Luboš Holý was mostly connected with BROLN (Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments) with which he made hundreds of recordings, appeared on television, radio and toured big part of the world. 

     On the recording Luboš Holý is accompanied by Musica Folklorika which from the beginning has primarily focused on music for dulcimer with accompaniment and on interpretation of instrumental arrangements dedicated to solo instruments with orchestral accompaniment. Musica Folklorica plays in the following formation: Miroslav Kolacia – violin, viola, Robert Kulísek - viola, Martin Slovák – bass, Petr Pavlinec - dulcimer. “From the very first tones and chords we find ourselves in a world which corresponds in harmonic and sound way with the character of selected songs. The band sounds solid; four great musicians are sometimes more than the double amount of average ones. Now – from excellence to perfection…” writes Jan Rokyta in an accompanying word on the album. But the instrumental performances of the band Musica Folklorica are traditionally on high level. The four previous albums are clear evidence of that, as well as the fact that they were chosen by the bandmaster Martin Hrbáč to play with him while recording his latest album. Their other interesting projects include the collaboration with the Japanese cimbalom player and composer Hiroshim Saito.


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