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Opýtaj sa Malana

Musica Folklorica and Martin Prachař

Indies Scope / 2014
Genres: folklor
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Opýtaj sa Malana/Ask Malan is the name of the new album of Musica Folklorica. This is already the fifth project released in cooperation with Indies Scope label. The CD features the Horňácko region singer Martin Prachař, one of the most outstanding performers of folk song in Moravia.

Martin Prachař began his musical career in the children’s ensemble Veličánek where he was a solo singer. At that time he won repeatedly the award in the Zazpívaj, slavíčku competition. At the same time, he also played as a flautist and clarinetist of Veličánek ensemble and later for Horňácko dulcimer band of Jarek Miškeřík. Currently he occasionally collaborates with various ensembles of Horňácko region, his home band, however, happened to be Musica Folklorica with whom he recorded several images for the CD called Počúvajte, co vám povím (Indies Scope 2010) and Spal bych, spal bych, žena mi nedá (Indies Scope 2012). In 2013, he made a video with this band for the song Na Vánoce, na Vánoce, na ty hody.

Although Martin Prachař is primarily known as a interpreter of songs from Horňácko region, on the CD Opýtaj sa Malana he doesn’t limit himself in the home region only; there are also some songs from the Moravian border, gypsy songs recorded in Hrubá Vrbka and also three “American” songs reflecting the fate of emigrants torn from their homeland. Martin Prachař and Musica Folklorica are completed with female choirs Lipina and Oskoruša in the balladic song Ked sa Janko na vojnu bral and with a male choir from Velká nad Veličkou in the series of “saucy” peasant songs. In addition to the twelve songs, there are also two purely instrumental tracks. The first violinist Miroslav Kolacia and cimbalom player Petr Pavlinec again took care of the arrangement of individual tracks.


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