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Co se nevešlo (bonus CD)

Hradišťan and Jiří Pavlica

Indies Scope / 2009
CD $ 4.42
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For Hradišťan fans and owners of LIVE album we prepared special edition of second bonus disc „Co se nevešlo“/What didn't fit. To make sure they don't have to buy the first album again we packed the second CD in plastic bag that has adhesive layer on its back. That way the CD can be easily stuck down to the original edition of CD LIVE. The CD comes with four page booklet containing list of songs and all that for only 99,- CZK.


Dear faithful litsteners,
“Another year fell upon eyelids...” is what we sing in the opening song of the given CD called “Co se nevešlo/What didn’t fit in”. Figuratively speaking, the year has really done its course, the choice album “Hradišťan - Live” have become golden and we were trying to figure out how to enrich its re-edition. Finally, we selected pieces from several live concerts, those that didn’t fit in the first CD and that’s how the second, or completive, selection from our repertory was created (there has been only one new record added to the album - the Altai group called Altai Kai; the song was recorded when they visited Czech Republic in 2006).
You will hear Hradišťan in both serious and lite moods. You can find here Christmas and Easter songs, religious and secular ones, love songs and military ones... There are  volatile moments of improvisation captured here and they are in this case also inspired by foreign songs which we have found during our many foreign travels. The set of two CDs captures the repertory of Hradišťan concerts in their extensity and versatility and the atmosphere of being in touch with the audience. With the final “We are wishing you...” we are coming back to the purpose of our overall activity.
        So, we wish you that anything you are wishing for will come true.
                            Jiří Pavlica


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