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Romano Hip Hop


Indies Scope / 2006
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One of the biggest talents, which have appeared in the country in last decades, impresses like apparition on the Czech musical scene. Romany rapper Radoslav Banga aka Gipsy created in the project GIPSY.CZ unique creative tandem with the Romany violinist, Vojta Lavička (ex Deep Sweden, Alom, Natalika) and with the exceptionally talented young co-players, brothers Petr (accordion, guitar) and Jan (contrabass) Surmaj. With nonchalantness and elegance of the legendary gypsy bandmasters they mix the explosive mixture of rap, Romany music, funk, ethno or pop, which, besides the necessary degree of healthy aggression, does not lack humor, detached point of view and irony. In the album Romano Hip Hop you can find rapper’s resentfulness, Romany musicality and knowledge of finesse of pop skill. Thus the new album brings the energetic synthesis of everything, which the talented musician with his co-players experienced and went through on their way through music and life. Gipsy gradually find their own soapbox, new sound and space, which they remelt into the souped-up album. "We want to set the sound! But I know that there are several people abroad, who make something similar. But we are original in leaving more space for the real traditional music and at the same time we are still in hip-hop." Says Gipsy about the new sound of his project and at the same time he answers, how the Romanies react to that. "Old Romanies welcome the new album, since it contains the verses, which are not already used. The whole album brushes up something, which most young Romanies today even do not know. We play traditionally, although in modern manner. These are the procedures we set. And here we have the advantage of "traditionality."

Romany rapper Radoslav “Gipsy“ Banga is known by his energetic and charismatic expression at the concerts, during which he can grip everyone in the hall. And thus it is, besides his indisputable musical qualities, just this fact, for which he is highly regarded and sought-after musician. Nominations for various awards only prove this fact (ALMA 2005, Anděl 2005). Gipsy is no beginner on the musical scene, he has been appearing on the stages since he was thirteen. Many people noticed him in the controversial hip hop group Syndrom Snopp. He lived in the street at that time. But soon he shocked everyone by his commercial trips, which culminated by composing and production of the megahit of the first Superstars “Lítat ke hvězdám" (Fly to the Stars). Gipsy has colaborated and performed with various well-known artists. He has played as a guest with the Boban Markovic Orkestar, shared the stage with GZA, played the main Czech festivals, the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin and several concerts in Berlin´s Kaffee Burger. In addition, he is a regular guest on Radio Multikulti/Funkhaus Europa. Mondomix magazine referred to him as a new talent about to be discovered for the wider public.

- Radio stations play the hit Romano Hip Hop again and again, but never mind! It is a matter of principle to jump in the black & white crowd right at the concert. In a moment the band switches between the Romani tradition and masterly rap, with ease it communicates with the audiences, strays into chanson, jazz ballads and Romani pop music. It is a small quick show and the band goes with rhythm like hell! It is always a miracle when someone as talented as them starts their path into the world.
Reflex, Petra Konrádová, 5 April 2007

- Thanks to the unique attitude, Gipsy manages something unheard of – to create a completely new, original and functioning genre. We can say that the discovery of the year is not only Radoslav Banga as an individual artist, but Romano Hip Hop as a brand new music genre. A thing like this happens only very rarely nowadays and this is one of the reasons why Gipsy and their unique interpretation of world music deserve the Anděl award.
IDnes, Ondřej Bezr, 15 March 2007

- Gipsy.cz is a revelation of the Czech music scene. Rap harshness, intermingling with Romani melancholy makes the Romano Hip Hop album an event of the season.
Gipsy.cz is definitely an original and successful attempt to join two music worlds, which at heart have a lot in common.
iDNES.cz, Ondřej Bezr, 9 November 2006


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