ZVA 12-28 Band

You might probably know where Slovakia is situated. Perhaps you also recall that the capital city Bratislava is a former satellite of Vienna, but only few have an idea about a small town in the central Slovakia called Zvolen. This joyless fact is soon to be gone into the past – just from this unknown town originates an excellent blues band ZVA 12-28 Band. This band has been a remarkable mark on a blues European map for 20 years. Blues middle-range rocket
The bluesmen from the middle Slovakia have overgrown a regional band frame by their immutable interpretive style of classic Chicago blues and their proper original creation – with a great amount of passion and feeling which is rarely to see. Up today they have taken a number of spectacular concerts in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Following their stage success they have constantly been spreading their action radius and bringing valuable experiences to further first-rate blues lovers.
True, authentic, mere blues.

band 2010:

NoroČervenák - vocal, guitar
Stanislav Fakan - violin
Laco Červenák - contrabass, bassgiutar
Peter Krško - drums

- this is the leading idea of all concerts and CD evaluation reviews. Let us see how reputable Czech and Slovak blues authorities have actually judged the band:

… with this album the band has invaded into the top of blues bands, but not only on the Slovak scene. Being informed about blues activities also in other surrounding countries, it is possible to say boldly that the band has kept abreast with the best ones on the European stages.


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