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Gift Voucher - 1500,- Kč

$ 67.04


Gift Voucher for the purchase of goods.


Are you thinking about buying a music gift for someone? Don’t know what music they listen to or which CDs, LPs or DVDs are in their collection already? Get a Gift Voucher! We offer them at different price levels and they can be used across the whole portal.


How to buy a Gift Voucher:

Go to our e-shop on and choose an electronic Gift Voucher according to the price you want (1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, or 5000Kč) and place it into the cart. After you choose your voucher, go to the checkout.

Choose your payment method (Credit Card, Pay Pal, Wire Transfer or E konto).

As a delivery method, choose PERSONAL SHIPPING, no extra shipping costs will be added. We will send you the Gift Voucher by e-mail the following working day. You can then print it and gift it in person or forward it by e-mail to your donee.


How to get the goods for the Gift Voucher:


The Gift Voucher is intended to cover the purchase at Select the product of your choice from the entire range of Indies Scope. The price for the selected item may exceed the voucher price; you will then pay the difference by cash on delivery. After selecting the goods, go to the checkout.

Fill in your address, select the DELIVERY method (Czech Mail or PPL).


If the costs of the selected goods including the delivery costs exceeds the price of the Gift Voucher when in the SHOPPING CART, choose the PAYMENT - CASH ON DELIVERY.  When we send the goods, the value of the Gift Voucher is deducted and you will only pay the difference to the carrier.


If the value of the selected goods including the delivery costs doesn’t exceed the total price of the Gift Voucher, choose the PAYMENT - WIRE TRANSFER. We will send you the goods to your address.


----- In both cases, don’t forget to write down the code of the Gift Voucher into the MESSAGE WINDOW! ----


Gift Voucher Terms of Use:

1. The value of the Gift Voucher will be deducted from the purchase price in the online store.

2. The Gift Voucher is not convertible for money. The Gift Voucher can not be changed. The value of the Gift Voucher can only be used with one purchase.

3. In case of withdrawal from the sales contract or legitimate claim of the goods purchased with the Gift Voucher, the amount used for the purchase will be returned to you through a new Gift Voucher or by creating an adequate credit for the purchase of different goods.

4. The Gift Voucher is valid for 1 year from the purchase. After the expiration, the voucher becomes invalid.

5. The Gift Voucher can only be used at the online store

6. By purchasing the Gift Voucher, you agree with the Gift Voucher Terms of Use.

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