Deutsche Telekom used track by band DVA

fotkaCzech alternative music in foreign commercials? Yes, Deutsche Telekom used track by band DVA

Czech band DVA is pretty busy right now: German company Deutsche Telekom chose their song for its TV commercial campaign, the band is touring in the Czech republic and abroad, working on a new CD and still getting great reviews to its debut CD called Fonók.

While the band is right now performing on Réunion island, German company Deutsche Telekom has started its TV commercial compaign ( ) on German market called Deutsche Telekom - das Erleben Experiment using song Nunovó tango ( ). obal  alba

It seems that Germany is a special country for DVA. Their producer lives in Berlin, CD Fonók is distributed with an independent company Broken Silence and the band gave plenty of concerts in Germany. Do the Germans understand the band better? Will the new CD be in German? „We´re may be half German, practical, with blue eyes, my name is even German. But the only reason can be that they´re just our neighbours. I tried to speak Czech there but people didn´t understand much. And people don´t understand our nonexisting language in the same way everywhere.“ Bára Kratochvílová tries to find an answer and says more about next CD: „We plan to record it at the same place, with the same producer Jayrop cause we really liked the cooperation. Our music will be more extreme, more from the south. This time it will be „pop from nonexisting radios“. We also plan to record some music and sounds on the road, on the Réunion island, by the sea, under palm trees, in Spain, Serbia…“

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