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We have prepared an overview of our new releases that we want to offer you together with our partners and especially our bands and musicians. For the year 2022, there are many titles in our editorial plan, and we believe that, just like us, you are also looking forward to them. Our editorial plan might have some changes during the year, and there will certainly be plenty of other new projects.

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********  first half of year 2022 **************



   * MATĚJ METODĚJ ŠTRUNC – Valášek (release date: January 28.)

This is the second song from the upcoming debut album Lidověk. The talented young actor and musician Matěj Metoděj Štrunc has blended his music and acting careers from the first moments of his artistic life. The single Dobrú noc, má milá was the first sample from the upcoming album Lidověk, which is scheduled for May this year. The second single, Valášek shows Štrunc in a more intimate musical position. Matěj joined forces with the popular Czech singer Thom Artway, who took over the album as a producer.


   * 100°C - Live at Open Air Festival (release date: February 4)

100°C, since their founding in 1996, have released three serial albums, recorded a lot of music videos and played not only at all major events in the Czech Republic, but also in various parts of Europe. The live recording comes from a performance at the Open Air festival in 2011 and the band now offers it as a reminder of one of the most successful periods of 100°C.


   * TARA FUKI – Motyle (vinyl version) (release date: February 9)

Although the special concert for the 20 years anniversary of Tara Fuki had to be moved to the spring of 2022 (March 2, 2022 at the Archa Theater in Prague), the album Motyle was definitely not lost in the period between its release and its release party. This was confirmed by the historic success in the prestigious World Music Charts Europe (WMCE), which was reflected in the annual charts, where the album was 10th in 2021. Tara Fuki is now releasing a vinyl version of the album.


   * JAN HILAR – Pronásledováni světlem (release date: February 11)

A new discovery on the music scene is Jan Hilar. The songwriter and producer lives in Ostrava, CR,  and in collaboration with producer Tomáš Neuwerth, presents the first song from his upcoming EP Bezčasí. On the EP you will hear, for example, drummer and producer Martin “Marcyn” Hampel (Places), keyboardist Jáchym Krohe (Dukla), guitarist Marek Czopnik (Lokyo), etc.



    * RADIUM.NFO – Remixed tracks (release date: February 22)

The legendary drumandjazzandbass after twenty years. Exactly one day after the release of the album Released tracks of the cult Brno band Radium.nfo, you will be able to listen to hits in new remix arrangements.



   * MARIAN FRIEDL - Černobílý svět (release date: March 18)

Černobílý svět (i.e. The Black and White World) is an inner confession and response to the internal and external crises of Marian Friedl and, at the same time, another original trace in his musical career. He made his way from wood folklore with the band RukyNaDudy, through acoustic world music with the trio of Jitka Šuranská, jazz records with the Norwegian-Czech band NOCZ, his distinctive fusion of many genres in the projects Beránci a vlc or 11 PODOB LÁSKY to the current purely original record with a significant share of electronics and sound design. The recording, arranged according to the moods of the seasons, contains poems by Marian Friedl and contains references to folk, folklore, jazz, classical music, electronic music and other genres.


   * HRADIŠŤAN & JAVORY BEAT – Live (release date: April)

Since 2020, Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan have played joint concerts with Hana and Petr Ulrych and the band Javory Beat. Fans will be able to see this year their special concert show, which they have prepared together, and to hear a recording that was made at one of a number of sold-out concerts in 2021.



    * LETNÍ KAPELA - (release date: May)

Letní kapela is a new project of singer and artist Jaromír Švejdík (Jaromír 99). "We started playing older songs together with the boys from Jes (Priessnitz, Umakart, Jaromír 99 & The Bombers, Václav Neckář, Kafka Band). But since then, a number of new songs have been created and they will be on the new album,” adds Jaromír 99 himself to the creation of the album Letní kapela.


   * LUCIE REDLOVÁ - Lidová Redlová (release date: May)

In the project Lidová Redlová the musician benefits from years of experience from the bands Docuku and later Garde. The idea of devoting herself fully to folk music came to her in 2019 before the festival in Banat, Romania, where she played for the first time a set composed of popular folk and her own "semi-folk" songs. Redlová came to the final decision to record the entire album in this spirit at the time of composing the song Kamarádko moje, which she released in the summer of 2021 and dedicated it to her late friend, singer and violinist Jitka Šuranská. The second single was the engaged song Vodo moja released in December, which she recorded with producer Jiří Hradil and which features Petr Mička's Horňácko Music.


   *  JARRET  - Ohrané pásmo - Best Of.... (release date: March 11)

Thirty years! So much time has passed since the founding of the band Jarret. This folk rock legend from Liberec has released 6 albums since then and has now prepared not only Best of .., but also recorded five new songs. The collection will be called Ohrané pásmo and will be released on 2CD but also as 3LP. Of interest is the great album UNIKAT from 2002, which will be part of the compilation, because it is unique in the entire discography of the band.





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