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We are happy to announce the first releases from our Indies Scope editorial for 2023. In addition to the albums mentioned, you can also look forward to a number of singles, including Ghost of You, Mirek Kemel or Zimnice Kateřiny Göttlichové. So the list is certainly not final and will grow. Of course, we are also preparing some other surprises.


Jana Vébrová (March)

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since her first album Kykyrý In December 2022, Jana announced her new original recording with the single Padá listí (i.e. The Leaves Are Falling) ( This portends her not-so-often-heard, etheric position, however, on the new album Kameny ze dna (i.e. Stones From The Bottom), she will also appear in all her rawness, as we were used to with her debut. The second single Námořník (i.e. The Sailor) will be released at the beginning of February.


Nylon Jail (March)

The second single from the forthcoming album Kings of the Weaklings is already out and is called Disconnection ( Nylon Jail started the journey towards a new album in the fall of 2022 with the release of a single and a video with the title Man Like You ( The dark visions of Roman and Jiřina transformed into magical indie rock divination will be released at the end of March.


HCM Petra Galečky & Ondrej Molota  (March)

Moravian and Slovak dulcimer music ensembles prepared a joint album for the 30th anniversary of the division of Czechoslovakia. You will find on it new joint recordings of both ensembles, their choirs, as well as older recordings from the archives.


Jan Fic (April/May)

On his third solo album, Jan Fic decided to return to a raw sound. While the last released album Potom (i.e. Afterwards) ( was produced by Martin Kyšperský and enriched with a band's sound, this time it will be a little different. "It will be a slow, intimate, perhaps even cathartic record about the insight that what we chase does not always coincide with what we really desire," Jan Fic reveals the new form of the album.


Krajina Ró (April/May)

Krajina Ró's new album has the working title of Mlhoviny (i.e. Nebula), and it will probably stay that way. The overall sound of the songs and the natural poetics of the lyrics will follow the debut album Hotel Blázen (i.e. The Fool Hotel), only it will be a little newer, maybe even more picturesque. In a nutshell, the upcoming album can be characterised as follows: guitars and synthesisers do magic, bass guitar stomps, drums pound, voices sing and wipers wipe.


Radosta  (May/June)

The five-member band from Pilsen, Radosta, is a tribute to the legendary Czech comedy, Kulový Blesk (i.e. Ball Lightning), written by Zdenek Svěrák and Ladislav Smoljak. The best excerpts from the film are combined in a unique rock performance by experienced musicians. The cherry on top is the great saxophone of Klára Heřmanová, known as the Brazilian Klára, or does anyone present feel like a good Brazilian Klára?


Bombarďák  (May/June)

There was a Green Thursday, there was a Black Friday and now there will be a White Luděk. Luděk šestý (i.e. Luděk VI)  is a celebration of ten years of the band Bombarďák, which has been tearing up the diaphragms of children and parents. In December, the last album Pátek (i.e. Friday) ( was supplemented by an animated music video for the song Logopedická (i.e. Speech-Therapy) (


Tereza Hrabini (August/September)

Fragile electronics interwoven with an inspiring ambience and a characteristic voice are the main assets of the talented Tereza Hrabini. Her debut is inspired by life changes, nostalgia and at the same time gradually finding herself. Compared to the previous EP, Ether Eal, she is now moving towards softer electronics. The new record Přerod (i.e. Rebirth) was created over the winter in a small room of a Brno apartment, and in addition to her lyrics, Tereza set to music the poems of her soulmate Eva Černá.


Povodí Ohře (August/September)

Roots rock, gothic country, heavy blues and a Western the Czech way - it's all Povodí Ohře. The mood is like in a bar from a worse part of town. Quite cruisey, but a few slaps could also come your way. The third LP of this West Bohemian formation will be called Místo odpočinku (i.e. Resting Place), where you will find stories from the river closest to the band waiting for you. More guitars, more hits, more Ohře.


Kafka Band (September)

The band, made up of well-known musicians, has already adapted two books by Franz Kafka into audiovisual form and is now preparing to close the trilogy with a new album. After the successful Zámek (i.e. The Castle) came the more electronic Amerika. The band, featuring writer Jaroslav Rudiš, artist and singer Jaromír Švejdík, musicians Dušan Neuwerth, Tomáš Neuwerth, Lukáš Morávek, Zdeněk Jurčík, Petr Weiser, will release its third album entitled Proces (i.e. The Trial) in September.

Budoár staré dámy (October)

The band releases the soundtrack to the author's documentary debut Jiříkovo vidění – globální home esej (i.e. Miracles - A Global Home Essay) of the band's frontwoman Marta Kovářová. It’s been 25 years since Marta's dad bought her an electric guitar, and she founded the band  Budoár staré dámy. It's been 15 years since her physicist father came up with an idea of how to save the planet. His voice, however, could not be heard. Marta took the camera and decided to help him. The film combines scientific and artistic thinking and documents the father and daughter's quixotic visionary journey from the kitchen table to the world climate forums. The songs in the film do not lack the necessary perspective and humour, Marta has fun with her clumsy English in the lyrics, and the listeners can also look forward to other personal and engaged topics that they have not heard from Boudoár.

RukyNaDudy (November)

The band RukyNaDudy from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in CR has been playing traditional instruments and archaic music styles of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains since 2004, with a focus on the Frenštát part. The band has released the albums Písně Hukvaldských Beskyd (2014), Píseň ZEMĚ (2019), Ruky na dudách (2021), and is preparing a Christmas album for this year. The CD will feature better-known and almost forgotten pre-Christmas and Christmas songs from the aforementioned part of the Beskydy region, performed to the accompaniment of ancient instruments and archaic line-ups. The production is, as usual, on the shoulders of Marian Friedl.


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