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Pohádková medicína 2

Loutky v nemocnici

Indies Scope / 2017
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Loutky v nemocnici (i.e. Puppets in the hospital) are releasing their third CD. Pohádková medicína II (i.e. Fairytale Medicine) brings almost 80 minutes of stories filled with original songs. With the individual fairy tales that are part of this album, children experience, in the form of puppet theater,  performances by the members of the ensemble when they visit them in the hospital directly at their bed.


Pohádková medicína II - six fairy tales and lots of fun

The actors and musicians, who regularly visit the hospitalized children, recorded six fairy tales. The audio recording consists of classical fairy tales (O zájičkovi a lišce / Little Hare and The Fox), dramatizes fairy tales based on a book (O sněhulákovi / The Snowman by Ramond Briggs), and original fairy tales by Marka Míková (Čtyři kamarádi / Four Friends, O statečném Toníkovi / Brave Tony, O jedné brblající chobotníci / The Grunting Octopus, O Emilovi / Emil). The members of Loutky v nemocnici also created (sometimes directly in the studio) many songs and sounds for the individual fairy tales. And there’s definitely a lot to look forward to. Some of the members are also in other bands such as Zuby nehty, Původní Bureš, Mantaban, Iritující pýchora or you know them as solo singers, such as Krystyna Skalická. “Our latest CD brings fairy tales, that we usually play as intimate stories, right to the crib. Sometimes only two actors, a few puppets, musical instruments and one little viewer under the blanket. We had lots of fun during the recording and we hope that you will too!” comments Marka Míková, the CD director on the release.


After the album of songs Dobrá Medicíná (i.e. Good Medicine), and four fairy tales recorded by famous Czech actors on the album Pohádková medicína (Fairytale Medicine), the third album was created. It will be distributed by Loutky v nemocnici for free during their expeditions to all the ill children in Bohemia and Moravia. The CD also contains a link for online listeners, because almost every kid now has a mobile or tablet in the hospital. “If you decide to buy the CD, you’ll support our work in the hospitals and clinics,” says Jakub Matějka gratefully, manager of the CD and the ensemble Loutky v nemocnici.


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