Romano Rat

For the past five years, Ida Kelarová has given concerts mostly with the Romano Rat band. This band consisted of very young and talented Roma musicians and its sound has gradually developed into a totally original form, recorded on three albums of this group – Ida Kelarová & Romano Rat, Dadoro and Old Tears. At the beginning of 2003, this band entered into a new era of its existence.

Apart from Ida Kelarová, the Romano Rat band consisted of Desiderius Dužda, a singer and composer of most of the songs, Marie Duždová and a Cuban singer Tanda Corróns.

The cornerstone, which the music of this band was built upon was the unique Roma vocal, composed of four voices. And the search for the possibilities and boundaries of this vocal, so hard to understand for us, the non-Roma people. But the main thing, which fascinates both musicians and laymen, and what, in the end, is what is most important about music, are the emotions, going directly from heart to heart. Sharing emotions, capable of addressing even those unable to understand the lyrics of the songs – sharing feelings, inherently present in every human being.

The program of the Ida Kelarová and Romano Rat band was essentially built upon personal and very intimately experienced songs.


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