For the long time of its existence, Jarret have worked on themselves to become the top folk-rock band of the Czech music scene. The style of the band has transformed only slowly in the course of time. In 1992, Michal Kadlec engaged Marek Štulír into his folk trio, and thus founded the Jarret band. At that time the folk ensemble found their starting point and inspiration in Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morisett or Sheryll Crow. During the time it gradually abandoned the clear folk expression, from which it originated, and by adding further styles it has become a genre crossbreed. The band gradually found its own expression, which was enhanced by the entry of the producer Martin Ledvina (ex Druhá tráva, cooperation with Lenka Dusilová) during the recording of the album Vztahem zapni! (Pull to Switch on the Relationship). At the same time the lyrics gained their final shape; they do not exactly attack your diaphragm nor are they politically committed. A striking author of Jarret is B. Vašák, who worked in the band for a number of years (1993-2003) and after his departure he still supplies the band with songs. Even if their albums are published after long breaks, it pays for their fans to wait for another album. Their last CD Vztahem zapni! proved the band is in excellent form and it obtained the nomination for the genre award of the Academy of Popular Music Anděl 2006 in the category Folk and Country.


The long-time co-player and drummer Honza Noha leaves the band and his place is taken by Tomáš Piala. Another new member is Marek Ottl. Also, Hanka Skřivánková becomes a mother and so the band takes a break to come back again in 2008 with a new live album called Jarret sobě. In the spring of 2009 Vlasta Třešňák leaves the band and they stabilize in current formation. In the fall of 2011 the fourth studio album Za hrany is released under the producer direction of Peter Binder and sound supervision of Lukáš Martínek. 

Longtime bandmate and drummer, Honza Noha, leaves the band and is replaced by Tomáš Piala. Another new member is Marek Ottl. When Hanka Skřivánková becomes mother the band chooses to have a small break and they came back in 2008 with their live album, Jarret sobě. In Spring 2009, Vlasta Třešňák leaves the band and in 2010, Vítek Příkazský. In Autumn 2011, the fourth album Za hrany is released, produced by Peter Binder and under the sound supervision of Lukáš Martínek. In 2012, the music video for the song Vydržím is released and the album Za hrany is nominated for an Anděl award in the category of folk & country. Jarret is also celebrating their 20th anniversary. The following year, the fans only come across an acoustic version of Jarret. At the end of the year, Marek Ottl leaves and the band is reduced to four members. However, Jarret didn’t last long as a quartet. In 2014, keyboard player Daniel Hutař joins. Since 2015, Jarret has been preparing their repertoire for their new album and in Spring 2016 shoots two videos for Czech TV for the songs Haló and Don Quixote and a few Christmas songs. In Summer, they shoot a one hour profile for Czech TV Brno and in October 2016, their new album Soulásky & Samolásky is released.  


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