Maraca, world music and alternative group mixing jazz,rock and electronic music, with folk roots all over the world. Czech Grammy nominated for their second album Longe with mystic portuguese lyrics by Fernando Pessoa.
The singer Gabriela Vermelho wone the Radok´s award as the most talented artist in Czech republic  of 2005.
Maraca is  colaborating with indian guitar, sitar player and singer Amit Chatterjee ( Joe Zawinul Syndicate) and just releasing a new album  „The body is too slow for me“

 Amit Chatterjee is a guitarist, sitarist and vocalist who performs and records with some of the most prominent and accomplished musicians in the area of jazz and world music.  He has been a permanent member of the legendary jazz artist Joe Zawinul's groundbreaking band, The Zawinul Syndicate, from 1993-1996, and from 2000 to the present time.  Besides performing and recording with Joe Zawinul, he has also performed and recorded with artists such as the great multi-instrumentalist and composer Burhan Ocal, stellar saxophonist David Liebman, pop artists Sting and Carlos Santana, Malian master Salif Keita, masters of perscussion Badal Roy, Glen Velez, Trilok Gurtu and Robert Thomas Jr., virtuoso violinist Vicki Richards as well as many other artists.  He has also collaborated with symphonies from various parts of the world, as well as record and perform with electronic musicians like Jean-Pierre Smadj of France, DJ Mat of New York and musicians, composers and artists from theater and other performing arts.

He also continues work as a regular recording artist for films and television in the United States.

Amit Chatterjee is known for his sensitive yet passionate approach in both his instrumental and vocal artistry.  From his extensive background as both a guitarist and sitarist, he is able to seamlessly flow in and out of Western and Eastern approaches, and move toward a sound which is completely new, although born of both the East and West.  He continues his explorations in new territories of music in his ongoing solo projects as well as further collaborations with different masters of the arts.



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