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Indies Scope / 2006
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Maraca is a decoration of the Czech musical scene. Everyone who has heard any of its albums or seen the band live must realize this fact. Maraca, which proved by its previous album Longe that it ranks amongst the top of the world music, and won the nomination for the genre award of the Music Academy Anděl 2004. This time they invited an Indian guitar player Amit Chatterjee for the recording of their new album. Until recently a permanent member of The Zawinul Syndicate is an absolute world number one in guitar playing and singing and he cooperates with such prominent figures as Sting or Carlos Santana. The singer of Maraca, Gabriela Vermelho, obtained a prestigious Alfred Radok’s Award 2005 in the “talent of the year” category for the participation in the musical performance “Balada pro banditu” (A Ballad for the Bandit). In its third long-playing album Maraca sails on the wave of contemporary interest in culturally charged ethnic groups and continues in intermingling ethnic culture with sharper jazz-rock mood; with a typical carefulness it captures, seams together and interweaves songs with their own ideas and a rich repertoire of instruments. All this is immensely assisted by the world-known guitar and sitar player and singer Amit Chatterjee. The overall sound of the band is more rock-like than before. Electric guitar dominates but also violin and acoustic guitar have their say, as well as Arabian lutes, didgeridoo or computer samples. This is accompanied with a seductive voice of the singer, violinist and violist Gabriela Vermelho, which abounds with beautiful exotic touch and a strong and self-confident expression. The album is an utterly sincere and true work (you will hear also a cover version of Karel Kryl’s Salome) with an amazing atmosphere – the main asset of the whole album.


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