on the winners stages of the World Music Charts Europe

fotkaThe new album of – Reprezent earned the bronze in the October chart called World Music Charts Europe. It is the first time ever when musicians from the Czech Republic have fought through this hit parade to the imaginary winners’ stage.  The previous debut album - Romano Hip Hop, with the top rating of the eighth position during several places in WMCE, has already flourished in the hit parade. Every month, the chart is created by 47 prominent world music publicists and DJs from 24 European countries who present WMCE on European radios. For more information see

This success is the first step in the gradual establishment of their new album on the field of European music. On 10.10.2008, the album appeared in Germany (Broken Silence GmbH), England and other countries shall follow. First responses indicate that can expect positive reviews from other European music journalists. Already with the debut album, there has been an interest in a compilation of compositions. Even now, there are first swallows, thus during this autumn, the composition Benga Beating comes out on the compilation “ORIENTAL GARDEN VOL. 6” label Clubstar (Germany) and on “The Rough Guide To Gypsy Revival" - label World Music Network (UK) where also the composition from the new album Terne Čhave - More, Love can be found!

During October, have been finishing a video clip for the composition “Reprezent” directed by Jakub Kohák. Subsequently, are about to enact the tour of several concerts during October and November. The tour is to be finished on the 23rd of November in Prague Lucerna Music Bar.

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