Zofie Dares is releasing her first music video ’Too Much’


An album High On Being, on which she sings mainly about the journey from childhood to adulthood and preserving her own world of naivety, was released by Zofie Dares at the end of last year. In this mood she is presenting herself in her first video Too Much, which was produced under the aspices of Ikym.cz production - creative trio Mikuláš "Ikym" Pejcha, Daniel Novak and Dragiša Pelemiš. Zofie enjoys the world of a singer who enjoys herself home alone, as it’s not a very common situation. Just her and a glass of white wine.  The fidelity of the piece is civilianity and cute naivety, because Zofie lets us peek under the lid, part of the clip was filmed in her appartment. Within two nights, the crew tried to imprint the world as seen by Zofie Dares within minutes.

Zofie Dares’ home band Mydy Rabycad is already preparing for their biggest live show, where they’re going to conquer the Prague’s Forum Karlín in a grand way on November 22. Until then, fans will be able to see her exclusively just outside Prague.



Album High On Being is released under 420 Production and is now availible at HERE.



ZOFIE DARES, often called ‘a femme fatale of Czech electropop', is a lead singer of one of the most famous Czech bands called Mydy Rabycad. With a band she’s played all over the world on festivals such as Glastonbury, Sziget, Fusion Festival, Ottawa Blues Fest, Quebec Festival d’Été, etc… On 28th December, as a surprise present for her fans, Zofie released her first solo album ‘High On Being’. Synths, hymnic pop refrains, string quartet or a gospel choir… with all of that the album balances between dark clubs’ dance floors and a movie soundtrack melancholia. She worked on this album with two members of her band, Tomáš Konůpka and Nèro Scartch, as they are 'an integral part of her musical life’ like she says. Euphoric title of the album is coming from a song called Garden of Eden, on which they collaborated with Ondřej Pivec, highly respected Czech songwriter and pianist of Gregory Porter, or a New York gospel choir led by Stephanie Fisher. Her live solo performances will be very rare as she's already working on another album with Mydy Rabycad. 




Video “Too Much”


Theme: Žofie Dařbujánová

Production: Ikym Production (http://www.ikym.cz/)


Directed by Dragiša Pelemiš

Director of Photography: Daniel Novák (http://www.novakdaniel.cz/)

Camera Operator: Mikuláš Pejcha

Assistant Camera: Mikuláš Pejcha, Daniel Novák

Edit, grading: Daniel Novák

Assistant Director: Rudi Masata

Dramaturgy: Samuel Sís

Script: Denisa Nováková

Logistics: Hedvika Šmolíková

Make-up artist: Make-Up Institute Prague

Lights: Richard Krejza, Tomáš Pejša (http://www.hcore.cz/)

Runner: Florián Pejcha

Technician: Vašek Zdvihal

Driver: Tomáš Jogurt Jungvirt

Photography: Patrik Procházka (hcore.cz), Lucas Kozel

Cast: Teru Menclová, Tereza Motýlová, Rudi Masata


Special Thanks: Svoboda & Williams, Hcore.cz, Filip Bruthans, Gabriela Heclová, Los Rentalos (www.losrentalos.cz), Janek Gregor, Adéla Vedralová   


Zofie Dares: High On Being


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