Kolektivní Halucinace

The band Kolektivní Halucinace was formed in Kladno, CR,  and is named after the fragile illusions we share in our search for the meaning of life. Their debut album “Bůh z Umakartu” (2014) was self-released. The song “Jsem jaká jsem” from this album won a special jury prize at the Porto festival in 2019. In the same year, the band won the audition for the Welcome Stage of the Hradecký Slunovrat festival. The single “Jan 69” from the second album “Kosti” (2017) took 2nd place in the year-long Radio 1 Big Seven. The great album “Reality” (Indes Scope, 2021), produced by Tomáš Neuwerth, about the labyrinth of the present, artfully combines the acoustic with the electronic. The band has already released the single “Já čekám dá” (2022) as a duo and started a collaboration with producer Tomáš Havlen (post-hudba) on it, which continues on the new album “Nejistota” (Indies Scope, 3/2024), where together they created ten songs with X-ray eyes.


Jakub Mühlfeit: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, Eerie synth, samples

Tomáš Příkaský: drums, udu drum, percussions


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