Cimbálová muzika Vlasty Grycové

was founded in 1995 as a children’s band called Husličky. In 2004, the band released, together with Vlasta Grycová and the female and male choir from Strání, the CD called Pod Javorinú. The soul of the entire team was and still is the famous singer Vlasta Grycová. Her daughter Anna Přikrylová is the art director, bandleader and author of musical arrangements and there are also her granddaughters playing in the band. The band focuses primarily on musical folklore of the Strání village. Vlasta Grycová is a constant inspiration and apparently inexhaustible source of Strání songs; as if she just poured the songs out of her sleeve, songs that she remembers from her mother Alžběta Končitíková.

This CD by the Vlasta Grycová Dulcimer Band is supposed to be a celebration of the singer’s anniversary and an acknowledgement for years of musical life spent together. The band has decided while celebrating this new album to acquire a new name – Vlasta Grycová Dulcimer Band.


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