Vlnobeat - Gerald Van Waes (Eng)

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A couple years later and a few albums further since I checked out the band, it is clear that they still are an interesting band and know how to make decent and crafted alternating arrangements to their songs. Still, it is obvious this remains music that is focused entirely on a Czech market even though they have the capacity of making their style worthwhile beyond these boundaries. The first half of the album contains many rockier tracks in which we hear interesting accents of banjo to it, a few trumpet solos, a bit of Hammond rock, the lead vocals get harmony vocal arrangements with female voice. Still, the Czech language and its characteristics with many throat hissing sounds sound strange and slightly contradictory to my ears in such rockier or up tempo setting, in the softer rockers, hissing in silence too it does not and feels more natural. Naturally, I don’t understand a word. In this second part, there’s one soul rocker and the mostly softer songs. The last instrumental shows the band instrumental side and harmonies, relaxed and convincing in it too. Despite all such interesting elements I guess these pop foundations still will not be enough to cross the interest over the borders that easily without at least some further selective approach towards this point, if the ever want to reach us better too.


Gerald Van Waes



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