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We have prepared an overview of our new releases that we want to offer you together with our partners and especially our bands and musicians. For the year 2019, there are many titles in our editorial plan, and we believe that, just like us, you are also looking forward to them. Our editorial plan might have some changes during the year, and there will certainly be plenty of other new projects.




Release date: 15 February 2019

The electronic folk band, Listolet, gathered around Tomáše Háček, is coming back after a six-year break with a new album, following up their single, Kocour spí, release end of the last year. The album, about stories, travelling and home, contains twelve tracks wandering between folk-rock and alternative. The band again uses its wide instrumental arsenal, broken beats and autumn colours

Listen and download the single - Koucour spí



Release date: 15 March 2019

The incomplete fragment of America by Franz Kafka became the inspiration for Kafka Band’s new songs. After The Castle, it is the second Kafka’s novel, which the band transforms into a music form. Kafka Band was formed more than five years ago when the first recording, Das Schloss - Zámek, was released. The band consists of a writer, Jaroslav Rudiš and singers, Jaromír Švejdík, Dušan Neuwerth, Libor Paluch, Jiří Hradil, Zdeněk Jurčík and Tomáš Neuwerth.

Listen and download the single - Amerika



Releaase date: 29 March 2019

Live show recordings from the legend of the Czech alternative music, Filip Topol, on a triple album. The singer, pianist and author of many songs and lyrics, spent most of his music life with his band, Psí Vojáci. The prepared set, however, captures his two solo concerts from this millenium. Filip Topol was known for his improvisations and so many songs sounded different at each concert. That’s why his fans will undoubtedly like to listen to a number of surprising moments, and at the same time, they will be able to enjoy the atmosphere created at his concerts by this unique personality from the Czech music scene.  



(420production, Indies Scope distribution)

Release date: 5 April 2019

The keyboard player from Mydy Rabycad is coming back with his solo project. The new single is called Moments of Mental Paradise. This time, in a much more positive and quieter position then we were used to. “New people keep coming into our lives and others are leaving. We have a specific time for each other and the song is a reconciliation with this reality. Let’s not look at how it will end up between us and enjoy the beautiful moments together,” Scratch explains the meaning of the song.

Listen and download the previous single - Turn Me On



(420production, Indies Scope distribution)

Release date: 26 April 2019

Wood, glass, and concrete sprinkled with phosphorescent chemtrails of intergalactic slime vessels. The last deja vu of the druids before falling into the arms of a two-headed bear. A toddler stroking the electric wolf’s mane with a bare hand.

Listen and download the previous album - Íkaros (2014)


  *** HOUBELES ***

Release date: May 2019

Before the upcoming mushroom season, you need to get properly ready. The songs are based on Petr Maděra’s book, Houbeles, providing a fun form of knowledge, which you need if you want to go to the forest with your little ones. Music by Alžběta Trojanová. The album will be released in a richly illustrated original cover.



Release date: July

(Rough Music And the Voices of the Old World). This project includes two albums and a film. Hlasy starého světa (Voices of the Old World) were prepared by Petr Mička and represent the oldest and most striking singers of the contemporary Horňácko region, recorded in the original places from the region. The second album, Hrubá hudba (Rough Music), is a view of the musician, Jura Hradil (TATA bojs, Umakart, Kafka Band, Lesní zvěř), on the traditional Horňácko music, its connection with other genres and at the same time, an expansion towards contemporary music practice. Both records are closely connected not only with Horňácko folklore music by Petr Mička, but will correspond with the music feelings of both producers.


 *** KORJEN ***

Release date : Summer 2019

Korjen is back. After a series of perpetials and travels, three girls from different European countries are coming back to CR. Together with the three sherpas from the Czech valleys, they recorded their experience during their common journeys of searching for their music roots. The splendor of the folk creativity meets the beauty of their individualities while accompanied by modern beats on their new album.



Release date: Summer 2019

The first album from the forthcoming collection of four recordings from the project called Malovaná truhla (i.e. Painted Chest). These soloists from the Beskydy mountains, under the supervision of Marián Friedl (Beránci a vlci, Jitka Šuranská trio, etc.), are working on a representative record of the old instruments and masters from Beskydy region. Small cimbalom, little pipe, various types of shepherd's flutes, double flutes, bagpipes, and other such typical instruments from the easternmost mountains of the Czech Republic. 


  *** BAND OF HEYSEK ***

Release date: August 2019

The first album, Shovel & Mattock, opened the doors of clubs and gates of festivals to the band. Now, the Heyseks have prepared new material for their second album. Recording days and a timbered cottage are sorted. Time for authenticity, rawness, dirt, blues and dandy moods yet to come. This time, the band will be accompanied by a dandy from Sarajevo, Omer Blentić, on hammond organ.

Listen and download album - Shovel & Mattock (2017)



Release date: September 2019

The collective of Zvíře jménem Podzim (i.e. The Animal Called Autumn) released their eponymous debut in Autumn 2017, which was followed by an illustrated book from the Paseka publisher. Their large format posters and prints from the book will be the core of the exhibition at GASk in Kutna Hora, which starts on September 21, 2019. On the same date, Jakub König, the band leader of the animal pack, announced the music album release, called ZÁŘÍ (i.e. SEPTEMBER). The “animals” haven’t mentioned if it is going to be an EP with unreleased songs, a live show recording or remixes.

Listen and download album - Zvíře jménem Podzim (2017)


  *** BOMBARĎÁK - ČTVRTÉ(k) ***

Release date: October 2019

Blue, yellow and red are colours of the previous three albums by Bombarďák, and now they are working on a green one. If you know the previous recordings of this gang, you know that the whole family will have fun with the new album. Word plays, rhythms, words, wildness and joy, and much more have been working great in the past 6 years. Jiří Jelínek, Michal Dalecký, Filip Nebřenský and Matěj Pospíšil have been baking it for you fresh.

Listen and download album - 3FO3 (2017)



(420production,  Indies Scope distribution)

Release date: 25 October 2019

Mydy Rabycad are coming back to the studio after a successful tour, completed by a live album (Live at Colours of Ostrava) to make their most experimental album. So as to outline the album atmosphere, they will be releasing the first single on April 26th. The album, Numbers, will be released on October 25, 2019. Less than a month after that, the band will introduce it to the public at their spectacular concert at Forum Karlin in Prague.

Listen and download album - M.Y.D.Y. (2017)



Release date: Autumn 2019

This solo album is from the singer, songwriter and guitarist, David Pomahač (DKP), who has been devoted mainly to the Kieslowski duo in recent years. They debuted in 2011 with their album, Tiché lásky  (i.e. Quiet Loves) and their last recording is a great album, Mezi lopatky, from 2014. DKP has played in a number of projects such as the band Bez peří or currently as a duo, Tvrdý/Pomahač, who had their premier at Colours of Ostrava 2018. Nevertheless, DKP, in cooperation with Tomáš Havlen, will be recording his first official solo album.

Listen and download album - Kieslowski: Mezi lopatky (2014)


  *** MINUS123MINUT ***

Release date: Autumn 2019

The fans have been waiting for this recording for a long time. In 2017, the band announced their comeback to the Czech stages, where they proved to be an exceptional line up of musicians connecting genres such as soul, groove, jazz, blues, funk and world music. At the moment, the “Minutes” are working on a new collection of tracks that will be recorded in the renowned Sono studio. The autumn will belong to Zdeněk Bín, Fredrik Janáček and Dan Šoltis.

Listen and download single - Invisible World


  *** NOISY POTS ***

(420production, Indies Scope distribution)

Release date: Autumn 2019

Great expectations after their first single, Cherry Cloud, from the announcement of the Prague based indie-electro-pop duo, Noisy Pots. The new single will be called Cosmic Trip and will be available in March 2019. A whole album is expected in Autumn 2019.

Listen and download the single - Cherry Cloud


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