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A Calling Out


Indies Scope / 2007
Genres: ska
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After an almost four-year break, a new album of one of the oldest domestic ska bands is being published. „It is entitled A Calling Out and we experimented here much more than ever before,“ say The Chancers, who were preparing the new songs for more than two years.

„We launched a limited, manually numbered edition of a single Away From the Flock in the summer two years ago as the first forerunner. In the end we had so much material, that we did not use this song on this album at all,” they described the origination of the new recording. The album starting with a dialogue from Alice in Wonderland was recorded and mixed in top quality Sono studios. „We left Prague for almost three weeks, let it all hang out and concentrated just on music. Unlike the last album Friendly Fire, which we produced in ten days altogether and we wanted it sound as hard and live as possible, with this album we concentrated more on variety and the resulting sound. We wanted to bring something new in the 2tone ska genre, which is our scene,” members of the band now recollect the recording. A wide spectrum of influences appears on the album – from old Jamaican ska, reggae and dub to punk, mod revival or new wave. „When we found out that some songs last more than four minutes, we were a little bit surprised, but fortunately it still works,“ laugh The Chancers. A novelty is that the band, which already has three singers, invited a guest singer Tereza of a young Prague ska band Discoballs to work on the album. „We thought that a girl’s voice would suit the refrain of a new single Luvratbaby, a kind of a rock’n’roll hit. We remembered Tereza, whom we saw in concerts, invited her and she expressed it exactly as we imagined without any preparation,” The Chancers appreciate the cooperation.


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