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Jana Vébrová

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Jana VébrováKykyrý (Cock-a-doodle-do)(Indies Records)Jana Vébrová’s latest CD is in many ways the opposite of Björk’s pop CD output. For a start most of her songs are solid accordion and voice numbers sung in Czech. Not that she shirks from post-modern expressionism. Sometimes Vébrová floats an echo of late Weimar Republic-era cabaret on her accordion while her voice exhales a touch of Edvard Munch-like darkness. Musically Vébrová sits squarely on a Central European longitude with few if any nods to London or New York. There are no hit singles straining to wiggle up the charts here. Instead like Björk Vébrová expresses an urgent and contemporary originality yet is more primal and meditative. —Jónsson

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