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Czech Music CD to be distributed worldwide with the October 2017 issue of SONGLINES magazine

AT THE HEART OF THE BONFIRE  The Czech language uses the same word – hranice – for bonfi re and borderline. Czechia (the Czech Republic) is simultaneously at the warm heart of a burning fi re, but also on the musical border between Western and Eastern Europe. Th e western part (including Prague) is more industrialised and the rural south and south-east is where local traditions are kept alive. Although Moravia in the east has a separate name, Czech is still spoken here. Th e lifestyle is diff erent, however, and the rhythms are more playful, melodies more ornamented. Th is 16-track CD to be distributed with the October issue of Songlines magazine (#131)  features many of the top artists.” Petr Dorůžka

The October 2017 issue of Songlines (#131) will be on sale from August 25 Songlines (


1. Jitka Šuranská Trio ‘Pofukuj větříčku a Maliny’ from the album Divé husy (Indies Scope)

2. Iva Bittová & Čikori  ‘Vila’ from the album Entwine / Proplétám (Pavian Records)

3. Terne Čhave  ‘More, Love!’ from the album More, Love (Petr Vyšohlíd - V MUSIC STUDIO)

4. Musica Folklorica & Veronika Malatincová  ‘Ej ženy, ženy, poradteže mi’  from the album Ej, ženy, ženy, poradteže mi  (Indies Scope) 

5. Ponk  ‘Šibeničky’ from the album Postfolklor (Ponk)

6. BraAgas ‘Brodil Janík koně’ Previously unreleased (Indies Scope)

7. Jablkoň ‘Černá Marie na rohu’ from the album Hovada boží/Animantes Dei (Indies MG Records)

8. Marta Töpferová & Milokraj ‘Co mohl najíti poutník’ from the album Tento svět (Moravia Publishing)

9. Bran ‘Jen vítr kdyby vál’ from the album Beaj vat! (

10. Clarinet Factory ‘Gore’ from the album Maedows ( 

11. Dva ‘Nunovó Tango’ from the album Fonók (Indies Scope)

12. Tara Fuki ‘Dopis’ from the album Winna (Indies Scope)

13. Jiří Pavlica & Hradišťan ‘Vteřiny křehké’ from the album Vteřiny křehké  (Indies Scope)

14. HLASkontraBAS ‘Černým lesem’ from the album HLASkontraBAS (Polí5)

15. Beata Bocek ‘Co jo tam bedym robić?’ from the album O Tobje  (Beata Bocek)

16. Tomáš Kočko & Orchestr ‘Tanečnica’ from the album Do tanca! (Indies Scope)



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