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Bongo BomBarďák


Indies Scope / 2011
Genres: acoustic, children´s, rap, folk
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The new album Bongo BomBarďák/Bongo the Bomber, behind which stands the animated trio 3B follows the successful first album, called Bongo Bomboniéra/Bongo the Box of Chocolates. This time the band 3B (Best Boy – guitar, vocals / Bibi - bass / Bongo - drums) has again invited several friends to help them with recording. On the album, you can find songs by Jablkoň, Slávek Janoušek, Karolína Kamberská, Yellow sisters, Žamboši and others. In total, there are eighteen songs on the album; already the first song encourages interactivity and children can compete for prizes via the web site www.bongobombardak.cz. In the band, however, there have been some big changes. Beatboxer and showman BomBarďák fascinated the band so much that he wasn’t only invited to the recording but also the band has named their new album after him. BomBarďák appears thorough the album, provides a commentary and is a guide through the entire album.

The CD again contains a gift in the form of free ticket to the family amusement park Bongo. You can choose from the Bongo in Brno (www.bongobrno.cz) or the Galaxie center in Zlín (www.galaxiezlin.cz).

The album starts with the song Šnek by the songwriter Monty; its tragicomic lyrics draw inspiration from life itself. Monty says: “The song is based on the tragic life story of the Ostrava legend Míťa Dostál, who many years ago kept a snail in his bathroom. The fate of his snail is described in the last verse of the song. But the snails from Přibice are in good health and together with the kids I’m watching closely their vitality..“ This song about an unusual pet conceals a “free verse”, or rather a challenge: “Let’s sing about your pet too.” To the band’s website www.bongobombardak.cz the kids and their parents can send their video with their own verse. There are many valuable prizes (see the tab “competitions” on the aforementioned website). It’s also possible to compete without a video and on a completely different topic. Because the 3B consider themselves being international, they again invited colleagues from abroad. Slovakia is represented by the band Režimy and the singer Monika Satková. And if children know some words from Slovak language used on the album, they again have the chance to participate in the competition. The album is closing with a lullaby, this time in French (on the Bongo Bomboniéra album it was the Welsh) by the band Bran.

The album is again full of illustrations by Rudolf Brančovský who also shaped up the band’s image. His playful drawings accompany the entire project from the beginning and are the basis for the animated video Šnek, which was created under the direction of Jan Mikota. Rudolf Brančovský is also the leader of the band Poletíme? and the author of the song Bubák. “From my own experience I know very well that the night bogeymen and monsters in general in any form are an essential topic for children,“ says Brančovský. “As a kid, I was preparing myself for their visit by gathering different weapons under the bed or my pillow… a tennis racket, sword, shooting car, spray gun. When the weapons didn’t help, I chased them away with songs. This song is about brave children who managed to chase away the bogeyman without their parents‘ help and about a bogeyman whose lies were to no avail and who ended up the way he should...on the street..“

The album Bongo Bombarďák is another album focusing on quality music for children  which you can find at Indies Scope publishing (e.g. this year‘s Říkadla a křikadla by Karolína Kamberská, previously released Hrajeme si u maminky and Studánko rubínko by Hradišťan and many others).


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