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Bongo BonBoniéra


Indies Scope / 2010
Genres: children´s
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Bongo BonBoniéra / Bongo Box of Bonbons

“What do you have there?” Music. “And is it in three D?” Well, this is three B.

3B is the trio (Bibi, best Boy, Bongo) that brings the collection of songs for children and their parents. The album contains seventeen songs in which you can taste chocolate, travel around the world, look for a puppy, and celebrate birthdays. You will find out who is bothered by mosquitoes, what the washing machine eats, who sat on a grasshopper or fell asleep in front of the computer, who raps with penguins, what do the Čanki people do and in the end you will fall asleep listening to a lullaby from Wales. The trio 3B’s guests were Jablkoň, Radůza, Čankišou, Tata bojs, Žamboši, Hm...and many others.

The album Bongo BonBoniéra continues in the tradition of quality music for children which you can find in Indies Scope publishing (e.g. Hrajeme si u maminky and Studánko rubínko by Hradišťan or the albums of Kašpárek v rohlíku and others).

bestBoy: New plans are simple, we definitely don’t want to stagnate, we keep evolving, that’s for sure. Besides, our friend Android has recently called us that he has some applications for us. We were talking about this with the band and we think it fits. It’s actually a good idea to be applied.
Bib: Exactly, I hate theory.

The album release party will take place at Bongo festival on June 30, 2011 in Brno.
The album is published by Indies Scope in cooperation with family amusement park Bongo (www.bongobrno.cz).

When did you decide to become musician?

I decided when I was 13 when I wrote my first song "Pochod pionýrů/March of Pioneers"... Zdeněk Král (Minach)

On April 27, 1985 around quarter to five in the afternoon. Martin E. Kyšperský (Květy)

I knew I would be musician in the moment when I first touched a guitar. Or she touched me? I don’t know, sometimes around the end of elementary school. Before, I have always tried, but it didn’t happen, I couldn’t become musician. I found a trumpet in a closet but they confiscated it at school. Then the harmonica, they confiscated that one too. .. Jan Žamboch (Žamboši)

I have never decided to become one. Besides, I’m not a professional anyway; I’m an amateur enthusiast. The only turning point that I remember was when I was 17 and we founded our first pop-rock band and of course I wanted to impress the audience. That didn’t happen. Well, we played couple of times but we weren’t exactly busy or anything. But even like that we thought everything was great  . Ivo Cicvárek

I have just decided couple of days ago. So far I have signed the contract just as a part time and I will see how I like it. Those 35 years before this decision can be called a period of maturing leading to a decision to temporarily become part time musician. Viktor Ekrt (Hm...)

I’m not sure which moment was the most decisive. Maybe the movies with Bažants. Especially Velký bazaar/Great Bazaar and Blázni ze stadionu/Stadium Fools. I found out they were actually a band and I was so excited! I don’t know if I really wanted to become musician but I definitely wanted to be part of the band.  Mardoša (Tata Bojs)

I didn’t have to decide. In our family we used to sing, me and my sisters were part of folk bands so it was very natural for me. But I don’t consider myself a musician. I prefer singing to playing. Jiřina Šánová (Koňaboj)

Already as a child I was musician, when I banged pieces of Merkur against wooden bed listening to Beatles and I will be musician even if I’m attached to tubes and my heart will be playing the last song with the machine “beep….beep…beep…beep”. As a Christian I believe that I’ll get to heaven and there I’d also love to play in some band. But who knows what job will be assigned to me there. I wouldn’t mind to paints something, I love that as well. Ruda Brančovský (Poletíme?)

I’ve loved music since I was a child. As a little child I was running through the fields with small sticks which were a baton and a saxophone at the same time. At school I started to play the fipple flute. Whether I become musician or not wasn’t something I’d think about, I simply liked music and I was attracted to it.  Tomáš Šenkyřík (Cymbelín)

In the fall of 1978, at the concert of Planetárium by Václav Necář and his band Bacily. Karel Heřman (Čankišou)


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