CD 6: Milostné a svatební písně - Mattie Poels - (NL/ENG)

Moravia is the most eastern part of the Czech Republic with its capital Brno. A region of Europe with its own special music using cymbalom, violin, clarinet and double bass. Already seven compilations albums of the serie ‘Anthology Moravské Lidové hudby’ were published with music from this particular region. In this blog part 6 ‘Love and Wedding Songs’. Getting married is a big happening in Moravia. The size of the wedding determine the status of the family. People got married usually on Tuesday with a party that lasted for at least two days. The wedding tradition is also different by region. For example, the table placement is different by region, like eating from the same plate to strengthen the ‘harmony’ of the families. According to superstition, no one listened to the wedding announcement, afraid as they were that the couple would die soon. On the wedding day the bride walks to the house of the groom, accompanied by a music band after which the wedding ceremony takes place in the church. After the reception, where family, friends, acquaintances and neighbours were invited, the wedding ends with the ‘popravky‘, an intimate celebration where the couple and intimate family are present. ‘Anthology Moravska Lidové hudby’ Part 6 ‘Love and Wedding Songs’ is a lovely compilation of love and wedding songs that are sung by solo voices and small vocal ensembles, often accompanied by cimbalom, violin, clarinet and double bass. There are songs about herbs to make love more exciting. But also songs about the unforgettable love, as sung in ‘Aj, nebudu sa vdávat‘. And what’s going on in the mind of a girl who’s about to get married. You can hear it in the brilliant song ‘Konopja‘. Splendid is ‘Sak mna más, mamicko’, a sober song about the mother-daughter relationship with only cymbalom accompaniment. There are also some nice lullabies in part 6 ‘Love and Wedding Songs‘ and of course ‘Zaspala nevesta‘, the most famous wedding song from Moravia. ‘Anthology Moravské Lidové hudby part 6 – Love and wedding songs‘ is a beautiful overview of wonderful music that was created for special events, sung and played with love! ********* Mattie Poels -

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