Kroskántry - Bengt Edqvist - Lira (ENG)

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This is a new album from those so cheerful musicians in Czech Poletime? And it’s probably their best record and they are very charmy, as useful. And after only a few beats the Czech pub feeling shows up. Not those sing-a-long choruses as on last CD but more uniform and more well produced. On some tunes you can hear a delicate dobra, an instrument that in fact has its roots in this part of the world since it is designed of the Slovakian brothers Dopyera. The tune Lokomotiva has a very genial chorus and roll on as a fast locomotive, probably on the road to the beer towns Plzen or České Budějovice and so do also many of the other songs. Dominating solo - and comp instruments are banjo and a violin that sometimes sounds a little Wiener classical and that creates such genial middle European feeling. Lokomotiva also contains a very beautiful trumpet solo. Holky pitomy has a piano comp that sounds American saloon during the cowboy film era and the most sing-a-long chorus row on the entire record,” blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”. Pepuv Happyend has elements from Cancan by Offenbach and that interfered sound that is consulted from the computer when the mobile dials. This is actually no music to walk around feeling sorry when listening to, the only one that maybe will do that is American country&western producers who is defeated by a Czech indie band.

Bengt Edqvist

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