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I can’t emphasize it enough, but the last few decades for adventurous music you can always turn to the Czech label Indies Scope. The label houses classical music, folk, rock and a lot of crossover music with influences from all over the World. A group which has made fancy hybrids to art is the Czech 7-piece band Čankišou. The Group, with all the members playing also in other bands, has made already 5 albums since 2000. These cd’s contain a wild mix of ethnic music and rock with vigorous rhythms. On their previous album “Lé La” they were amongst other things inspired by their travels to Mongolia, Ukraine, Pakistan and India . The result is their most provocative and varied cd till then. They use the same recipe on their sixth cd “Faÿt”, but with even more power and improved production. The cd starts with throat singing, with which becomes immediately clear that they choose again for a worldly sound. Beside that you also get a powerful rock voice. With regard to the instruments there is a lot of everything, like djembé, darbuka, didgeridoo, all kinds of oriental percussion instruments, accordion, whistles, saxophone, bass, mandolin and guitar. With all of this they create a firm goulash with influences from the Balkans, Africa, Mongolia, Australia and of course also Czech. They complete that regularly with elements from the Roma music. I notice that their sound is heavier than before, but also broader. That’s why you can also hear jazz, funk, progrock and brass band music in their sound. The delicious melting pot is nested somewhere between Uz Jsme Doma, Ser Un Peyjalero, Traband, Lights In A Fat City, System Of A Down, Yat-Kha, Mano Negra and Besh O Drom. A vivid and great worldly album!

 Jan Willem Broek


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