Fayt - David Hintz & Eelco Schilder - Folkworld (ENG/GER)

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This is one fascinating listen. This seven-member band comes from the Czech Republic and plays ethnic music that sounds even more Middle Eastern in style. But the fascinating part is their use of both rock arrangements and a touch of electronica to create a deep dark atmosphere for these songs. This kind of combination does not often work, but this band finds a balance that is engaging and varied enough to pull in a lot of listeners. If you want to rock out a bit, and also love world musical variations, this album will provide plenty of thrills.
© David Hintz

 A few albums from the Czech Indies label, starting with the new album by the band Cankisou. This Czech band was founded in 1999 and this is their fifth album. The band mixes (heavy) rock with ethnic touches from all over the world. You might hear some Tuva throat singing, heavy Arabic influenced beats, North African rhythms and Eastern European melodies and so much more. All of this mixed with strong electric guitars, beating drums and a energetic singer. This band shows some passion and pleasure in playing, the album contains some fantastic progressive rock music with roots elements. A really nice treat for those who like crossover rock records with 100% energy, really nice one!

© Eelco Schilder



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