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Experimental electro-acoustic act, Dva's debut album, Fonók, sets the duo in a category uniquely their own.  "Mikrotango" is a short introduction that sets the tone and leads into the saxophone-laced, "Nunovó Tango," which has a peppery Latin beat.  "Kisma Ajoas" is dark, yet kind of trippy and funky with a distinctive hip-hop beat.  The captivating and dance-driven, "Három Kérom," has a strong ska-feel to it, and "Francé Trancé" with its experimental vocals will please you with its surprisingly catchy melody line.  "Krieliškaj" blends staccato & wailing vocals against a mesmerizing musical backdrop.  "Dua Dua" contains bewitching dissonant harmonies. "Pingu Hop" reminds one of the Swiss stop-motion claymated television series, Pingu, with its interesting experimental vocal layers.  "Nanuk" has more of an acoustic rock feel, while "Lalalibe" possesses a fascinating beat and endearing vocals by  Bára Kratochvílová.  "Disko Cirkús" borders on pop with a ska breakdown in the middle.  "Fin" is edgey with an alluring acoustic guitar riff, and "Valz Lipája" has a haunting melody.  The beautiful vocals in "Bádalisk" are set against an airy, spacey backdrop of sound, and "Strenge" has a really clever dance riff.  Very intriguing album!

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