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The regular readers of this website will have already perused my recent musings on this years Eurovision song contest and those observant folk among you will have read about my new found love for a Czech Republic band by the name of, a band that may have fallen in the semi=finals of the aforementioned competition but has this viewer glued to the TV whilst bouncing all over his sofa. are an intriguing bunch, a group that weld together traditional gypsy folk, hip-hop, pop and a punky attitude to create an infectious and compelling sound that will appeal to not only the native Czechs but music fans the world over.

Now obviously I don't speak a word of Czech but when the music is energetic and fun like the fourteen tracks on the band's second album Reprezent, language proves to be no barrier.

From the opening number, Benga Beating, the band had me on my feet dancing, swaying, clapping and generally acting the fool, the track is a swift sub three minute gypsy hip-hop frenzy that sets the tone for the rest of the album wonderfully.

As the album progresses tracks such as Dokud Dejchám, the title track and the brilliant Love Love had me smiling from ear to ear as the group create a wonderful mash-up of musical genres, creating a unique and inspired sound all of their own.

The smooth hip-hop flow collides brilliantly with a combination of violins, beats, guitars and pop hooks to form a contagious playlist from start to finish. if you like Gogol Bordello or left-field hip-hop you'll love the creative sounds of

Will Munn

Rating: 10

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