Střela zastavená v jantaru - Gerald Van Waes (EN)


I don’t think the tendencies of popularising music in general sounds like a real benefit to the communal sensitivities for creative thinking, feeling and music. But because of economised media creative music finds here already less of a platform, most bands tend to evolve either to poppier, electric music or more traditional approach, which all leads to more mainstream sounds, in trying to get heard by the crowd, because bands start to think this way they have more chances to survive in such a landscape, as if their own direct creative impulses towards have no longer anything say, which I think is a minor error, because people listen to any of the impulses they get. If a creative impulse is strong it will be heard sooner or later (or at least by people being busy with music for its art). For the moment creative impulses are from a smaller scale, but are still like real facts assembling something evolving to a specific group minded approach, in which a certain comfort can be found.

Kvety for me were an interesting and promising band. Their approach compromises with the alternative pop/rock approach as well, at the same time they reveal the more typical for Czech musicians skills with which they make themselves distinctive : a clever use of harmonising instruments, sonic-melodic-rhythmically interesting percussion or keyboards or vibraphone,.. and tunes for the arrangements (the 4th track seems to have taken a minimal guitar theme from Vaclavek, or sound similar like one), with many occasional surprises, provided by some guests (like female vocalist, Spanish guitar, fine electric guitar, trumpet,..). Even when I don’t understand the language there is so much alternation in their sound I hear enough new elements to keep on listening and enjoying. Yes, I do love the Czech flavoured approach towards rock that keeps a band tightly arranged. For a Czech public I can imagine this band must sound essential.

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