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Ladislav Romanov Assenov, guitar player and singer, was born in Sofia in Bulgaria, but has lived in Pilsen, Czech Republic since being 12 years of age. He started composing and writing songs, because It is a way of conveying pain, sadness, joy, memories and yearning for Bulgarian, or rather Balkan culture, and the country where I lived as a small boy. My Bulgarian grandmother brought us to local folklore and folk songs by her natural way of life. I remember her singing national songs when she was cooking or doing household chores. "Ajde na balkana" is the debut album of Assenov's band Prosti Dumi, featuring Petr Cerveny (accordion), Tomas Blaha (bass guitar), Zdenek Maxa (percussion) and Gabriela Bultasová (vocals). Their songs are inspired by Balkan folk music. Gabriela Bultasová turns out to be a fantastic singer, who also plays a tapan drum, self-made of Macedonian provenance. Prosti Dumi's interpretation is very percussive and rhythmic. However, there are also elements of world and ethno music and, so the band acknowledges, psychedelic folk rock of the 1970's. "Ajde na Balkana" is very much recommended if you are into such kind of music.

Walkin' T:-)M


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