Live - Eelco Schilder (English)


The band Hradistan is probably one of the oldest bands in European traditional music. It was founded in 1950 and since than several generations of musicians, singers and dancers have been part of the band. It was originally founded together with a dance group and is the most legendary dulcimer band in Czech history. The band origins from Moravia which is part of the Czech republic. This live cd, recorded with Jiri Pavlica who has been the artistic director and first violinist since 1975, contains an overview of the long history of the band. It�s their 27th album and includes folksongs, original material and songs about historical themes. The music of Hradistan has a friendly and intimate atmosphere. The violin, dulcimer and harmony vocals are the most important ingredients of their music, although you can also hear an occasional crumhorn, hurdy gurdy or other instruments. The dulcimer is not only used as a solo instrument but also as a percussion instrument that forms the foundation for the other instruments and vocals. This live cd is a well recorded and strong piece of music and a great way to get to know the Moravian tradition. It contains some strong vocal parts, sometimes in a very ancient style, especially when Alice Holubova takes the leading role. She has an almost classical voice that gives a medieval atmosphere to the music. When the male singers do the (harmony) lead the music sounds much more rooted in tradition. It�s a nice combination that works very well. So for all Hradistan fans and for people who like to get to know the Moravian tradition any better, this cd is highly recommended.
Eelco Schilder 

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