Superchameleon - Walkin' T:-)M - (English)


Iva Bittová is a former Czechian actress, nowadays mostly occupied as a singer and violin player. She is quite special and most original. A musician that knows no boundaries, taking her private folk music from world music to jazz and avant-garde. Iva is scratching the violin, she sings, whispers, cries, yells and wails. Her songs need no intelligible words. The visual experience is essential for her music, not because of her being a beautiful woman (yes she is), but also because of performing with her entire body. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still talking about music.) A superchameleon, and we must be thankful for the DVD video. The disc includes a 90 minute concert with the New York based Bang On A Can All Stars recorded in Prague in March 2006, a one hour selection from Czech TV archives featuring various projects from 1984 until this day, rock, folk, some traditional Moravian tunes, classical music, and, last but not least, a video collage featuring film footage, her background and preparing the concert. Iva's music is not easy to pigeon-hole, however, it's not about pigeons anyway, it's a bright-coloured ladybird.
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Walkin' T:-)M

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