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DVA were a really promising group when I heard their two demos some years ago, so I am glad Indies records took them to release some albums, from which I seem to have missed already the first one.  Here, they wanted to make a real happy album, an intention you can hear in the album, with thirteen songs in non-existing languages from thirteen non-existing radio stations.  I wonder how unconscious these inspirations were, because the second track, “Tatanc”, for instance sounds almost exactly like early works of French pop singer Lio, with the French language and all. This has a lot from folktronica pop, with acoustic rhythms as well as subtle toy-sounds alike electronica, with lalala danceable rhythms and subtle loops, saxes arrangements over it, and some rhythmical kindergarten-playing with voices or consonants, funny and weird harmonies in voices, all a bit like Cocorosie mixed with the more serious folktronica. A few songs can be just slightly melancholic too. And there are a few innocent hip-hop choruses too. Live is a circus with DVA. Well produced and inspired in what they were doing.

Gerald Van Waes

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