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The third album comes from Ida Kelarova and is called Aven bachtale. Kelarova is a Czech singer with a deep, warm voice. Since her debut CD in 1992 this is her eighth album. Her music can be pure emotion like in the midnight jazz club song Duj džeňora in which I think her voice is at her best. She flirts with gypsy swing and somehow in those songs the music gets a bit too easy going, it doesn’t have the warmth and impressive sound of the more introvert songs. Although I must say there are a few strong solo parts by the musicians who spice these songs a bit. Nice is Bari vera in which the German singer Nicole Nagel sings a duet with Kelarova. Both singers have opposite voices and make this an intriguing conversation between a young, energetic singer and the experienced and peaceful Kelarova. I’m a fan of Kelarova’s voice, the music on this album is not always my cup of tea but with such a voice I don’t care what you sing, as long as I can close my eyes and hear it now and then.

Eelco Schilder 


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