Beata Bocek

She was born in 1983 in Český Těšín. She graduated from primary school in Polish teaching language in Český Těšín. There, during the breaks, students spoke the dialect called …“po našem“.., which is inimitable and, for those who don’t speak it, incomprehensible mixture of languages – Polish, Moravian Czech, Slovak, German and other languages of all nations and ethnic groups which has been living in this - "po naszymu“ ; however, during the class they used to speak proper Polish. She belongs to a national minority of Poles living in the Czech side. And she says about herself: “Therefore, I don’t feel as a Pole or a Czech but as a Silesian, “czyli – ślónzok“. Polish became my favorite artistic expression, and not only because of its assonance…“
In 2002 she started cooperating with Barbora Baronová, neighbor from her native Žukov, who accompanied her on the violin and on occasional concerts, she played with Krystyna Skalická. During her studies she recorded her first CD called "Przeszkoda" 2004 (Obstruction), which has a rock feel.
After finishing the studies, she went to Cardiff in Wales. In that time she wrote songs for the CD "Czary moje, dary twoje" which are full of optimism and faith. It was a turning period when she rediscovered faith in God and therefore in herself. She realized the CD in 2007 after she came back from abroad together with David Kulišťák (violin) and Tomáš Malina (drums).
In this formation, she was discovered by the band Ležérně a vleže with which she recorded the CD "Uondaný čas". In 2009 she released third album called: "Zapraszam was do waszego cicha" (I invite you to your silence) which is a recording of silence which everyone can silently play in their own head. Since 2011 she has been playing in the new line-up with Filip Kramer (double-bass) and Tereza Machačíková (viola).

Przeszkoda (2003)

Czary moje, dary twoje (2007)

Zapraszam was do waszego cicha (2009)

Ja tutaj mieszkam (2012)

Víc než rok (2013)

O Tobje (2015)


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