Musica Folklorica

Musica Folklorica was established in 2001, based on the occasional trio Petr Pavlinec, Miroslav Kolacia and Martin Slovák, playing mostly songs intended for dulcimer with accompaniment. Musica Folklorica (Miroslav Kolacia – violin, Lubomír Graffe – violin, Tomáš Janoška – viola, Martin Slovák – bass, Petr Pavlinec – dulcimer, Jaroslav Čajka –tárogató), for more than a decade has been bringing the audience recordings of different nature influenced by folk themes. The initial focus on instrumental recordings (CD Petr Pavlinec – Cimbál sólo and Musica Folklorica) has developed into arranging and interpreting songs intended primarily for vocal accompaniment. From the cooperation with Indies Scope has emerged the Christmas album called Počúvajte, co vám povím, the recital of Luboš Holý called Rabudeň, rabudeň, the playfully racy album Spal bych, spal bych, žena mi nedá and the profile album of Veronika Malatincová called Ej, ženy, ženy, poradteže mi. The broad scope of this musical group can be seen, for example, in its successful collaboration with Tomáš Kočko and his orchestra on the project called Cestou na východ, awarded by the Anděl Award in 2012 in the category World Music or the Břitva Award in 2009 for the single Chiasmatic –Temptament which has arisen in cooperation with folk-metal band Paladran. This ethno-metal project came in second in the category World Music in the International Songwriting Competition 2013 held in Nashville, USA. Musica Folklorica came into wide public awareness as a pioneer of folklore music videos – there is an audiovisual rendition of the song Ej ženy, ženy, poradteže mi by Veronika Malatincová and female choirs Oskoruša and Lipina, Martin Prachař also passed on a Christmas greeting this way with the carol Na Vánoce, na ty hody. The musicians’ newest musical and acting project is the video for Temptament.


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