Once upon a time, in the middle of 2012, two friends from high school, Mikulas and Jan, decided to start a space expedition in their little spaceship. They knew they couldn't face all the hills and valleys that this journey would bring, so the boys decided to ask Jan's cousin Nèro - from a neighbouring planet with plenty of experience in electronic devices – to join their trip.

Because of its high prestige and what and adventure this incredible journey would be, they succeeded in convincing Zofie, the queen of the red galaxy herself, to participate.

One of the first steps during their interstellar journey was to improve their skills and abilities.
The boys combined their acoustic instruments with the powerful sound of electronic mixes and beats while Zofie started to conquer the solar systems with her voice. The result of this year long mashup led to a CD containing the infectious formula called Let Your Body Move, irresistible to dance to This fellowship Mydy Rabycad made an alliance with the drummer Tomas and the guitarist Ondra to attend all the festivals.

During the summer of 2014 they picked the biggest ones in the Czech Republic, and got the natives to dance to their formula. Of course they also did some interstellar trips to other foreign galaxies such as Germany, Austria and Slovakia and Switzerland

Now they have on their second album a direct to everybody’ central being via their sears! An Infectious dance formula from Let Your Body Move linked with the darkness of old movies, magnificenct performances, a melding a hardware synthesis and an energy of the future NOW ..

Mydy Rabycad:
Žofie Dařbujánová: Vocals
Mikuláš Pejcha: Sax, Asshole Vocals
Nèro Scartch: Drums, Piano, Synthesizers, Keys, Asshole Vocals
Jan Drábek: Bass guitar, Asshole Vocals


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