BraAgas winner of Česká spořitelna Colours Talents competition


The biggest star of this year’s Indies Scope Festival in Kuřim was Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan. Festival was already beginning at 2 pm starting with the final round of the 5th year of Česká spořitelna Colours Talents competition. The finalists performed as follows: Bardolíno, BraAgas, Ležérně vleže. The jury, consisting of Indies Scope Records representatives, Colours of Ostrava and musical publicists, was the most impressed with the performance of ladies‘group BraAgas ( The winners couldn’t hide their surprise but also their euphoria regarding their success. The CD of BraAgas group will come out this fall in Indies Scope.


The third year of Indies Scope Festival (formerly known as Colourscope) traditionally continued with the evening program after the competition. Although the weather wasn’t exactly summer like, it didn’t rain on the Kuřim court for the entire time and Tomáš Kočko and his Orchestra prepared the festival visitors with his successful concert for the performance of Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan. Their program was mainly consisting of the songs of Live album which was honored with the prize “Golden Album”. The concert visitors also heard some new songs from the album Chvění (Shivering) or from so far the latest album called Studánko rubínko (The Ruby Fountain).The following performance of Žambochs was the connecting link between folklore level of the evening program and its more alternative program represented by an excellent blues band called ZVA 12-28 Band from Slovakia and also by Květy from Brno. The concert finale belonged to completely different genre; everybody was dancing to ethno groove tunes of Evolution Dejavu band.

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