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Not one album of Maraca sounds the same. The voice of the singer, Gabriela Vermelho, who have just received some awards for her interpretations varies also many times, with different techniques as if changing voice and personality, within the range of the group’s perspectives. The album is much more rock than before, and has an international sound, with powerful sounds with a pop attractiveness. The band reaches in expressions from acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and violin, in a rather jazzy approach, to other styles, from arranged rock to world music ideas, sometimes using a bit of electronica and modern mixing. The songs are in English, Czech, and Portuguese, but there’s also one popular Arab traditional, “O Mar”, and two tracks adapting Indian flavours. Therefore they invited an Indian musician, Amit Chatterjee (indian guitar, sitar player and singer, member of Joe Zawinul Syndicate, and cooperated before with Sting & Santana, and with many projects in jazz & world music areas).

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