Čankišou - Borrega - new musicvideo


Čankišou are coming with already their third video from CD Lé la (2008, Indies Scope Records). This time it´s animated video called Borrega using puppets and different animation techniques. Video about shepherd and his passion for rugby was made by students and directed by Lenka Zemanová.

First video from CD Lé la Zuha was shot in Pakistan. Second one www.bwindiorphans.org  was made from materials of dancing children from Uganda. And the last one Borrega was made here in the Czech republic by students at Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek and Independent Film College in Pisek. Director Lenka Zemanová studies animation at Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Písek. Borrega means a lamb in an Andalusian dialect and it´s some kind of a Čankišou pastoral song using cooperation with audience at concerts. Video was made

videoklip Cankisou - Borrega (videoklip)

director: Lenka Zemanová
designer:  Lenka Čeperová
puppet animation: Lenka Čeperová, Lenka Zemanová, Michal Dubnický
2D animation: Vítězslav Ureš, Michal Dubnický
special effects: Vítězslav Ureš
editing: Tomáš Klímek
cooperation: Josef Mašek, Michal Hůla,  Kateřina Procházková

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