Ida Kelarová

Ida Kelarová (nee Bittová) is a remarkable personality of today’s European music scene. Ida comes from musical family. She studied violoncello and piano at Janáček Conservatory in Brno. She considers her best teacher to be her father Koloman Bitto, an outstanding musician who lived for music. He dedicated the upbringing of his two of three daughters to music – Ida and her no less famous sister Iva Bittová. She spent part of her life in Great Britain, Denmark and Norway; in 1995 she came back to Czech Republic to continue the work she had started in England. The list of her activities is quite long; Ida is accomplished respectable singer, musician, conductor, music artist and producer. While working she uses the knowledge and experiences she had gained working in Western Europe, she is inspired by her eastern and gipsy roots. The most famous is her more than twenty years long work with people and their voices under the patronage of ISHV School (International School for Human Voice) which she founded herself. She is also focusing her effort on the help for talented gipsy children and youth. Ida’s ability to open up her heart and put all her emotions into her voice is well celebrated. The emotions she awakens in people by singing are appealing to everybody, even those who cannot understand the gipsy lyrics share feelings that are so familiar to all of us. 


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