Zdeněk Bína, the leader of –123 Min., guitar player and singer - after he left Walk Choc Ice in 1996, he spent long hours of improvisation with his friend and drummer Dominik Tůma and after some time, they started with live performances. The arrival of Fredrik Janáček in 1997 was very significant. It was him in whom Zdeněk Bína has discovered text writer with whom he makes author's duo.

In 1999, preparations for a debut and also first publicity of 123 Min. in the press took place. The Shooba Dooba album released in fall 1999 was recorded with new drummer Vašek Zima. The band was awarded several times for this album, among others, with “Objev roku” (Entertainer of the Year) Award in music magazines Rock & Pop and Rock Report. However, the most important price they were awarded was Grammy of the Academy of Popular Music for 1999 in the category of “Entertainer of the Year”.

In May 2000, Emil Valach becomes a new band drummer. The new 123 Min. band line up records another album entitled Try. The album was christened in March 2001. The group goes over to Indies company where it releases its third album Home? in 2002. For this album –123 Min. was nominated for the “Anděl” award of the Academy of Popular Music for 2002 in the prestigious category of “Rock Album of the Year”.

The post of the drummer belongs to Martin Vajgl since January 2003 and the band visits Poland and several festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium besides usual domestic concert tours. In October, the band sets out for the USA where it successfully performs in the New York City and Washington D.C. In September 2004, the group releases its first concert album called –123 Min. XL Live which brings recordings of two stages of Stormware Tour in Akropolis Palace in Prague.

In fall 2005, new album entitled Mom was released in the Czech Republic under Universal Music sign. Special attention was paid to recording in Studio V in Zlín as well as to mastering which took place in Swedish Digitalfabriken. The album has been nominated for the Academy of Popular Music Price in the category of “Best Sound”. Video to the pilot single “In The Web” has been created in the workshop of Australian videoart queen Tina Gonsalves.

In April 2006, the Mom album was released also in Slovakia and on this occasion -123 Min. attended a grand tour. Thanks to favorable response from the concerts, Slovakia becomes another “foreign” home for the group besides Poland. Since then, the “Minutes” return to Slovakia on a regular basis. In the same year the group sets out for anniversary tour to celebrate 10 years of existence. The tour, which consisted of 86 performances at clubs and festivals, took place during fall 2006 - spring 2007 and included also the performance at Thanks Jimmi ´07 festival in Wrocław in Poland, within which the entry in the Guinness World Records book (the “Hey, Joe“ song was performed by 1881 guitar players here) was made.

2007 Autumn - Unplugged Tour: Minutes are playing new and older songs in acoustic suit.

From April 2008 new drummer - Miloš Dvořáček!

-123 min.  2009:

Zdeněk Bína – lead vocal, guitar
Fredrik Janáček  – bass
Miloš Dvořáček – drums



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