The band Ladě was founded in 2005 by expanding the “melancholic punk duo” called Červeným Vrchem. The duo was formed by Kubesa/Uvira released a debut album in 2002 and slowly started playing in clubs either as a tandem or as a trio together with guest Marek Steyer (trumpet) from Lesní Zvěř.

After short break, the band (already called Ladě) recorded the album KUB59, where the duo was sensitively completed by Patrik Benek (drums) from Gizd and Missing Base and Jiří Pater (bass) from Expedice Apalucha. The CD was released in 2006, it was produced by experienced Patrik Benek and in cooperation with some interesting guests a very pleasant and colorful collection of fourteen songs was created.

The band Ladě, often completed with the drummer Víťa Halška (David Koller Band, Krucipüsk…), plays both in clubs and festivals and, surrounding the band, an audience was created, which considers the evening of “dark blues”, “freak blues” or “rude chanson” a very strong experience.

The band also very often plays in more acoustic fashion together with an amazing bassist Jaryn Janek (Med, Seven Days…) the contrabass and with Víťa Halška the Cajon drum and percussions. Not even in this form the Ladě’s songs aren’t lacking their rawness and authenticity.  


Michael Kubesa: lead vocal
Petr Uvira: guitars, vocal, keyboard
Jiří Pater: bass
Patrik Benek: drums, vocal
Víťa Halška: percussion


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