Helmutova stříkačka

The group Helmutova Stříkaček was founded in 1984 by Robert Staniczek at grammar school. The band participated in various high school and university events throughout the Czech Republic at the time.

After Rockfest in 1988, the band started touring extensively, which was so time-consuming for some members that in 1990 there was a major personnel change.

The band recorded their debut album ‘Helmut a Hilda’ in the Propast studio (Petr Janda), the producer was Ondřej Soukup, the album was released by EMI in 1991.

The second album ‘Z Vrány do vrány’ was recorded in 1993 in Citron studio.

After a forced health break of several years in the 2000s, the Helmuts are coming back to life again. Another crucial year in their modern history is 2005, when the band released the album "Hell Mute" with the relatively strong media support of the Teco Production publishing house, followed by a very successful nationwide tour.

In May 2019, the festival Rock in Riviera aka Back to the Nineties took place in Brno, CR, the line-up for this evening filled by young blood, literally. Their fathers went through  Helmutova Stříkačka in the past. Honza Čuma, son of Aleš Čuma, appeared on drums and Marek Frait, son of Bert Frait, played guitar. The band, charged with new energy, was back in full swing after this concert and did not let the forced covid shutdown put them to sleep.

During the spring of 2023 there was another change in the line-up, which has hopefully settled down for a while and now you can see and hear Helmuts with the following line-up:


Robert Staniczek – vocals Honza Staniczek – keyboard Daniel Šálovský – drums Petr Bartoněk – guitar Veronika Dudová – percussions, vocals Tomáš Kopal – bass


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