Moimir Papalescu & the Nihilists

The group Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists was formed in the summer of 2003. It was founded by Mirek Papež known under the pseudonym Moimir Papalescu[1] (Gun Dreams, Magnetik, Papalescu2, Die Alten Maschinen, Vanessa), La Petite Sonja (Kill The Dandies!) and Hank J. Manchini (Kill The Dandies!, Body Wounds, Thee Lazy Eyes). Other past members include Peter Venkrbec and Vratislav Placheta. Among the main musical influences are such groups as Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, or perhaps The Fall. The band's first album, Analogue Voodoo, was released by X Production/Manipulation Records in 2004. They won the Anděl Award in the electronic and dance music category for it. They later teamed up with Berlin-based producer and Pale Music label owner Steve Morell. In cooperation with him, they released a single containing the song Summer Deviation in 2005, complete with remixes by Sunshine, Steve Morell, and Marc Lanzi. The band released their second album Lewis Neptune in 2006. After an extended break, in 2023 the band released singles titled Jerry The Lizard, Interspecies Love, and Call Me Hank while returning to the stage. A third album, Mystery Women in the Acid Pools, will then be released on the Indies Scope / Drug Me Records label in March 2024.


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