Folkové prázdniny

First, three vocals, then hurdy-gurdy and last year it was strings ringing above Náměšť nad Oslavou in a unique residential project. Not that it had happened for the first time on the Folk Holidays (Folkové Prázdniny) – folk and strings have always belonged together– but this was a special premiere, where prominent personalities played together for the first time. Seckou Keita with his African kora, the guitarist Antonio Forcione, Germán López with a small guitar timple, Antonio Toleda with his guitar, mandolin player Martin Krajíček, Slovak double-bass player Juraj Valenčík and the violinist Juraj Stieranka had an amazing concert that will never be repeated. Especially the well-known Seckou Keita with his majestic kora drew most of the attention, but the rest of the musicians were also important. When they all played together, it sounded great. Playing and improvising together, these musicians were never troubled: there was always a leader, striking the top. People go to festivals to witness these unrepeatable moments. Here, thanks to this recording, we can get back to those moments. The dramaturgy of this project was done by the violinist, Jitka Šuranská, who also sings the song, Zelený víneček, on it. Spain, Italy, Senegal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany: that is world music in the truest sense of the word.


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